17 #ATS2017 Notable Tweets

May 31, 2017 at 3:02 pm

Of the over 17,000 members and visitors from 102 countries attending last week’s ATS 2017 in Washington, DC, below are some of our favorite tweets using the official conference hashtag #ATS2017.

  • Allison Shelley‏ @allishelley

I’ve been reporting from medical conferences for some 15 years and this never used to happen #ATS2017 http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/880648

  • Blanca Himes@blancahimes

Impressive work behind the Research Innovation and Translation Achievement Award won by Avi Spira this year #ATS2017

  • Atul Malhotra, MD@AtulMalhotra13

Congrats to Zea Borok for winning the Elizabeth Rich award!!! Well deserved. Fabulous acceptance speech #ATS2017

  • Geeta Mehta‏ @geetamehta0

Wonderful example of a diverse panel #ATS2017.  Drs. @Terri_Hough, Bakhru, and Hope. Session: ICU exercise, rehab, recovery, survivorship

  • WakePCCM@WakePCCM

Discussing autophagy: friend or foe? #ATS2017

  • Neha Dangayach@drdangayach

#ATS2017 another great day for innovative science at poster session Hall B-C

  • LungSpecialist@LungConsultant

Excellent talk on ambitious VALOR trial by @DrewMoghanaki at #ATS2017. Randomises operable #lungcancer pts to surgery vs SABR

  • Nick Hopkinson‏Verified account @COPDdoc

Climate change & asthma #ATS2017 CO2 levels directly increase pollen count thunderstorm asthma ground level ozone dust storms wildfires

  • Eric Topol@EricTopol

Survival for sepsis is highly influenced by time to antibiotic treatment #ATS2017

  • ATS Crit Care@ATSCritCare

Hot off the press! 2 great studies published today, presented at #ATS2017. #NEJM ow.ly/PtVL30bUSAa #JAMA ow.ly/kciX30bUSG2

  • Amanda Tatler@amandatatler

So much to contemplate, so many ideas #ATS2017

  • James Kiley, PhD @NHLBI_LUNGDir

Excited to kick off the #COPDactionplan at #ATS2017 with #NHLBI partners and take proactive steps to reduce the burden of the disease.

  • Jorge Antonio López@drjorgecabrera

In 2015, smoking killed more than 6 million people with a global loss of nearly 150 million disability adjusted life years #ATS2017

  • Ruvandhi @ruvandhi

86% of persons with active #TB in U.S. developed TB after a period of #LTBI. Need to expand testing & treatment inc private sector #ATS2017

  • Viren Kaul, MD @virenkaul

Fellows are downing that coffee and getting excited about the exciting FTS! #ATS2017 #ATSEarlyCareer

  • Luis Ortiz @luis_ortiz

So many people at the networking exchange. It’s like a can of sardines #ATS2017 #ATSEarlyCareer

  • Sean Barnes, MD, MBA @DrSeanBarnes

Really impressed with how @atscommunity mentors early career professionals #ATSEarlyCareer @atsearlycareer #PedsICU #ATS2017


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