Despite Changes, ATS 2017 to Remain Rich Source of MOC Points

March 1, 2017 at 5:01 pm

Beginning Jan. 1, 2017, both the American Board of Internal Medicine and the American Board of Pediatrics changed how many Maintenance of Certification points could be earned by attending educational sessions like those offered at the ATS International Conference.

However, the ATS Education and the International Conference committees have collaborated to offer at least as many MOC points overall at ATS 2017 as they have in the past. If approved by the ABIM and ABP, 22 symposia at ATS 2017 will now also qualify for MOC, in addition to the adult and pediatric core curriculum sessions. The symposia, scheduled from Sunday through Wednesday, will cover adult pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine as well as pediatric medicine. With these additional sessions, ATS 2017 participants will be able to earn a total of 46.5 ABIM MOC points (up from 30 points last year) and 10 ABP MOC points (the same number as last year).

Debra Boyer, MD, chair of the ATS Education Committee, notes that just as core curriculum speakers review questions that are included in the post-session test, “questions will be embedded in each of the talks” presented during the symposia carrying MOC points.

Zea Borok, MD, chair of the International Conference Committee, emphasizes that audience response during a session is not the MOC test. The post-session test, which will include four to six questions, is different and only offered after the session. She explains that in order to get the points, attendees must take the post-test at the end of the conference; otherwise they will not receive credit.

How to Earn MOC Points at ATS 2017

Look for announcements in ATS communications and on the International Conference website about the ATS 2017 sessions offering ABIM and ABP MOC points.

Before ATS 2017         
Take the pre-test for each core curriculum session and symposium you want to attend.

During ATS 2017    
Attend any and all of the MOC sessions you are interested in. These sessions will be highlighted in the Final Program and the ATS 2017 App, as well as in signage throughout the convention center.

After ATS 2017   
Take the post-session test. All the tests will be available at the end of the International Conference, and attendees can take the tests at no cost through July 31, 2017. Those who took the pre-test will receive notification that the post-test is online. Please note: audience response during a session does not count at the post-test.

Learn more about MOC and ATS 2017 by downloading the podcast with Drs. Boyer and Borok. You can also view a transcript of the podcast.


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