Photo of Patricia Finn and Monica Kraft.

2013-14 ATS Officers Take on New Roles

The passing of the gavel at the ATS International Conference ushers in new leadership for the Society. At the ATS 2013 Plenary Session (formerly the ATS Membership Meeting), Immediate Past President Monica Kraft, MD, passed the gavel to Patricia W. Finn, MD, who will serve as the 2013–14 ATS president. Continue


Message from the President
Newly installed President Finn explains the role of nutrition in relationship to health equality, which will be the thrust of her 2013-14 term. More


New Sleep Apnea Guidelines
The Society has released new clinical practice guidelines on sleep apnea, sleepiness, and driving risk in non-commercial drivers. More


Who's Who
The discovery of deadly toxic mold in the homes of sick infants led Dorr G. Dearborn, MD, PhD, into a career of championing cleaner indoor environments. More


ATS 2013 Newsmakers
Research presented at ATS 2013 was covered widely by news outlets around the world, including the New York Times, NPR, and Time Magazine. More