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2021 Virtual ATS Advocacy Week

This week, ATS members representing 18 states including Arizona, California, North Carolina, West Virginia, and Washington met virtually with over 35 Congressional offices to discuss issues of importance to physicians and patients with respiratory diseases, including efforts to combat COVID-19 and support for increased CDC and NIH funding. ATS members met with key congressional offices, including House Labor-Health & Human Services Subcommittee Chair, Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT-03). The subcommittee has jurisdiction over and helps determine CDC and NIH funding. Specific ATS priority issues included:

  • Federal funding to ensure equitable and accelerated COVID-19 vaccination and public education.
  • Advocating for science-based coordinated future federal pandemic preparedness that ensures national PPE supply and other medical supplies.
  • Increased funding for CDC to address COVID-19 and chronic diseases, such as COPD, TB, and asthma.
  • Increased funding for NIH, including supplemental funding to support COVID-19- related research.
Last Reviewed: March 2021