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Mentoring Opportunities: ATS Assemblies

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Fourteen ATS Assembly Mentoring Programs are now accepting mentors and mentees for the highly popular and anticipated ATS Mentoring Programs, which pair trainees and early career professionals with more seasoned members within their respective assembly. About 400 ATS members participate each year—don’t miss it!

Not yet a member of an assembly? Join one any time by visiting the ATS website and clicking on the "Members" tab, then selecting "Update Your Profile." Changes will update in the ATS database in one hour.

The deadline to sign up and participate in Assembly Mentoring Programs is Friday, March 2. For more information, contact Melinda Garcia, coordinator, at

Mentoring Program at ATS 2018

This year at the ATS 2018 International Conference in San Diego, California, we will once again offer a meeting space exclusively for mentors and mentees to meet. The Assembly Mentoring Program’s Meeting Spot will be located at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in the Balboa A room on the Second Level in the Seaport Tower. The room will be available:

7 a.m. to 7 p.m. PT, Sunday, May 20 through Tuesday, May 22 

The space will have snacks, beverages, Assembly Mentoring Program pins and ribbons, as well as laptops and printers available for use. We hope to see you there!

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