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New Feature: Staff Spotlight

The American Thoracic Society staff supports the Society in its initiatives, by publishing research, organizing the conference, liaising with industry, and otherwise promoting the Society’s goals. A group as large and as diverse as the Society requires a similarly equipped staff, who work to provide a huge variety of opportunities for members interested in pursuing different projects.

To highlight the work that the staff of ATS does on behalf of the Society, we are launching a new bi-monthly video feature to introduce ATS members to staff you may not have yet had a chance to meet. From the ATS Foundation, featured this month, where you’ll meet director Paul Mouravieff and hear about the work being done to promote and support early career investigators, to the Education Programs, Corporate Alliances, Journal Publications and Meeting Services, we hope this new feature will showcase the many facets of the society.

Staff Spotlight: ATS Foundation

ATS Foundation Chair, Dean E. Schraufnagel, MD, with Paul Mouravieff, director, ATS Foundation

More than just an introduction to the staff, this series will bring the departments, their activities and successes to you to better understand the resources available to you as members. It is our hope that as you learn more about the work the staff of the ATS does, you will know who to contact to make the most of your membership in the society.

The videos will also be available on each department’s home page, for future reference and promotional use as the Society needs.

We hope you will enjoy this new feature, and that it will help our community continue to grow. Watch this month's video now!