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Patient Resources: Laryngomalacia and Sleep and Performance


The ATS has launched a new resource in the Patient Education Information Series, “What is Laryngomalacia?” The resource outlines laryngomalacia, the most common cause of chronic stridor in infants, in accessible terms for parents or caregivers. The document begins by describing stridor, as a high pitched, noisy, or squeaking sound during inspiration, and goes on to discuss causes, symptoms and treatments in easy to understand terms. It also contains signs and symptoms that should signal a need for immediate medical attention. View the full document here, and click here for a full list of patient resources.

The ATS to add “Sleep and Performance” Fact Sheet to Patient Information Resources

On April 15, the ATS will add another resource to the Patient Education Information Series, which covers a wide range of topics in pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine, including adult & pediatric lung diseases, procedures, treatments, public health issues, and special topics. Each resource is two to three pages long, and describes the issue in an accessible format. The newest addition, Sleep and Performance, details the importance of sleep, and its effect on performance for both children and adults in a variety of settings, from school and athletics to the workplace. It provides a chart to gauge how much sleep is appropriate, and discusses the negative effects of too little sleep. Sleep and Performance will be available here as of April 15. The full list of patient information fact sheets is available here.