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ATS Gets a Makeover!

Today we unveil our new logo, the most visible manifestation of our Society’s comprehensive rebranding effort.

Why rebrand? Why now? What does this mean for our members?

ATS has always evolved as an organization. We started as the American Sanitorium Society in 1905, in response to the tuberculosis epidemic. Our name has changed several times over the past century, and our focus has expanded to include pulmonary, critical care and sleep medicine—in the Americas and around the world.

Now, we’ve updated our mission to reflect that broader focus:

To accelerate global innovation in the advancement of respiratory health through multidisciplinary collaboration, education, and advocacy.

I think you’ll agree that this revised mission is particularly relevant in light of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

We also reorganized our brand pillars to better reflect our Society’s primary activities in a way that emphasizes the collaborations, rather than the differences, between specialists in respiratory disease.

  1. Leading Scientific Discovery
    • ATS is a leader in the fundamentals of respiratory science, providing the most recent and relevant findings in a wide array of areas. These include cellular and molecular biology, biochemistry, pharmacology, populations, translational science, breathing, and lung physiology. This commitment to research and discovery in science is the gold standard in the field.
  2. Transforming Patient Care
    • ATS members set the highest standard for respiratory care and treatment of patients. It is the leading source for clinical tools, guidelines, and best practices based on the latest research and innovation.
  3. Impacting Global Health
    • ATS drives positive, proactive change to improve public respiratory health and prevention—on a local, national, and global scale. This applies to environmental issues like air quality, climate change, exposure to contaminants, and potential man-made disasters as well as contagious diseases and tobacco prevention. Members’ robust research and risk awareness drive change to “help the world breathe.”
  4. Advancing Professional Development
    • ATS is a catalyst for the growth and development of healthcare professionals and practices. The Society provides education, networking, mentorship, funding, and career opportunities essential to excel and advance.

These four pillars put our shared values and goals at the forefront. They give us a unified framework for sharing our story, activities and resources—while reinforcing the inclusivity and community that has always been an ATS priority.

The result is a clear message: Whatever your area of focus in respiratory health—clinical care, research, education, or all of the above—ATS is the place to call home.

What does this mean for you? In the coming months, you’ll see changes big and small that will make ATS more recognizable, understandable, and accessible. The cutting-edge science you count on won’t change, and you’ll still receive the same member benefits, from journal subscriptions to conference discounts.

The rebrand will also enhance transparency, improve understanding of our work, and foster greater collaboration between assemblies, committees, and members to further accelerate innovations in respiratory health. When complete, it—along with other key operational improvements—will significantly enhance the overall value of ATS membership.

By now, you’ve seen the new logo on our websites and newsletters. Look for more aspects of our visual rebranding at ATS 2022 in San Francisco. And stay tuned for more great things to come!