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ATS Board Releases New Non-Discrimination and Harassment Policy

Recently, as industries across the board have been rocked by revelations of discriminatory practices, particularly sexual harassment, which sparked the #MeToo movement, the ATS board has decided to take proactive steps to codify the values that the Society has embodied for years. As you know, diversity is a key value at the ATS and as such, a safe environment in which everyone is free to do their best work is absolutely critical.

One of the first steps was taken late last year, when the board approved the creation of a Diversity and Inclusion Policy. The policy is a living document, intended to formalize the existing culture of continuous improvement in inclusivity that exists within the Society.

Last month, the ATS board passed two additional policies, and approved revised ATS bylaws. The first policy, a new anti-discrimination policy for board members, committee members, volunteers, and consultants participating in official ATS activities to reflect the commitment of the ATS to providing a working environment free from discrimination and harassment of any kind. Violations of the policy can be reported to the president, the ATS executive director, or the Committee on Ethics and Conflict of Interest, to begin an investigation. The Board also updated an existing professionalism and ethical code of conduct that describes the Society’s high expectations for ATS members.   This policy exists to protect the integrity and professional reputation of the Society, and as such, sanctions resulting from violations of the policy are limited to professional activities within the scope of the ATS.

By taking these steps, the ATS continues to reinforce its values, and signal to the community its intent to support all of its members.

If you’re interested in hearing more about members’ #MeToo perspectives, the Adult Pulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep Division Directors has created a podcast discussing issues in medicine that pertain to the movement. Listen to the podcast here.