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Who’s Who: Margaretann Carno, PhD, MBA, MJ, RN, ATSF

Margaretann Carno, PhD, MBA, MJ, RN, ATSF
Professor of Clinical Nursing and Pediatrics, University of Rochester School of Nursing
Chair, ATS Assembly on Nursing


Dr. Carno

Three statements about you – two true, one false.

  • I have spontaneously flown to Fairbanks Alaska for a rock concert.
  • I have spontaneously flown to Puerto Rico for a rock concert.
  • I have slept outside of Madison Square Garden to be in line for the first rock concert after the pandemic.

Give us your ‘elevator pitch’ biography.

Born and raised in Syracuse NY. Undergraduate degree in nursing, Master degree in Nursing and MBA from Syracuse University. PhD in Nursing and Nursing from the University of Pittsburgh, Master of Jurisprudence in Health Law from Beazley Institute for Health Law and Policy, School of Law, Loyola University at Chicago.

On faculty at the University of Rochester, School of Nursing. Chair of two biomedical IRBs at the University of Rochester. A practicing PNP in pediatric sleep medicine and pediatric sedation. Expert in online education. Research interests in Pediatric OSA and pediatric sedation.  


What would you tell yourself as an Early Career Professional?

Not to worry about my career. To work hard and be open to opportunities. The career you want might not be the career you need.


If you weren’t in medicine, and were in a different industry altogether, what would you be?

I would be in one of two different professions: either a music producer/sound board engineer or a lawyer (but that would probably be in health law).


What is your favorite way to spend a day off?

Listening to music, practicing my instruments, writing music, hanging out with friends, family and/or my cats, or reading. Traveling with my family, going to concerts and music festivals.


What areas of medicine are you most excited to see develop?

Precision health care.


What is one advancement in your field you’d like to see in your career?

For more research in understanding the long term effects of sleep apnea in children and better treatment options. There are not enough masks for all the different face shapes of children and a number of the CPAP/BiPAP machines are not approved for the younger pediatric patient.


Which statement did you make up?

I have not flown to Puerto Rico for a rock concert (but very open to do so!).