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Who's Who: Linda L. Chlan, PhD, RN, ATSF


Give us your ‘elevator pitch’ biography.

I am the associate dean for Nursing Research at Mayo Clinic where I lead all of nursing research. My program of research is focused on symptom management interventions for critically ill patients receiving mechanical ventilatory support in order to improve short- and long-term outcomes.


What would you tell yourself as an Early Career Professional?

Be persistent!


If you weren’t in medicine, and were in a different industry altogether, what would you be?

As a nurse-scientist, I am not in ‘medicine’ but in health care. If I was not in health care, I would either study European History or Egyptology.


What is your favorite way to spend a day off?

Relaxing outdoors and in the peace and quiet of my home.


What areas of medicine are you most excited to see develop?

I am most excited about the promise of precision health for all persons, not just those who access health care in academic medical centers.


What is one advancement in your field you’d like to see in your career?

My never-ending goal is for interventions to be personalized and tailored for individual critically ill patients based on symptoms.


Ok. Which statement did you make up?

I was not a Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader in college.

Linda Chlan