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Stat January 25, 2017

ATS 2017: Full Registration Now Open

Full registration is now open for the ATS 2017 International Conference, May 19‒­24, in Washington, DC! Our 113th conference will feature 500+ sessions, and more than 6,000 abstracts and case reports. With full registration, you can reserve your spot in Postgraduate Courses, Meet the Professor and Sunrise Seminars, the Thematic Seminar Series, Workshops, Assembly Dinners and Receptions, and the Ninth Annual ATS Foundation Research Program Benefit. You also can preview titles, topics, and speakers of major symposia, seminars, year-in-review sessions, the Basic Science Core, Adult and Pediatric Clinical Core Curricula, and special networking events in the Advance ProgramRegister now.

Call for Nominations: 2017 Assembly Awards

Take advantage of this opportunity to recognize a colleague at the ATS 2017. Assembly Award Committees invite you to submit nominations recognizing individuals who have made outstanding contributions in your subdivision of the Society. Learn more.

Nomination Deadline: Feb. 28

Assembly Journal Clubs

Tune in to these Journal Clubs and webinars, presented by the following ATS Assemblies:

  • Jan. 26 – Assembly on Allergy, Immunology, Inflammation and Respiratory Cell & Molecular Biology: “Regulatory T cell Specificity Directs Tolerance versus Allergy Against Aeroantigens in Humans.” Discussants: Petra Bacher, PhD; Alexander Scheffold, PhD; Andrew D. Luster, MD, PhD; James J. Moon, PhD; and Rod Rahimi, MD, PhD. Reserve your seat today.
  • Jan. 26 – Assembly on Microbiology, Tuberculosis & Pulmonary Infections: “HIV-Associated Lung Disease.” Discussants: Alison Morris, MD, MS; Sushma Cribbs MD, M.Sc. Reserve your seat today.
  • Jan. 27 – Assembly on Sleep and Respiratory Neurobiology: “Effect on intermittent hypoxia on plasma exosomal micro RNA signature and endothelial function in healthy adults.” Discussants: Vaishnavi Kundel, MD; Abdelnaby Khalyfa, PhD; David Gozal, MD, MBA; Sanja Jelic, MD; Vahid Mohsenin, MD. Reserve your seat today.
  • Update: Feb. 3 – Assembly on Respiratory Cell & Molecular Biology: “Hyaluronan and TLR4 promote surfactant-protein-C-positive alveolar progenitor cell renewal and prevent severe pulmonary fibrosis in mice.” Discussants: Carol Liang, MD, MBA; Paul Noble, MD; Dianhua Jiang, MD, PhD; and Rashmin Savani, MD. Reserve your seat today.

New Year, New Job

Peruse hundreds of open positions in cities across the United States. and/or post your resume online for greater national visibility at no cost. When you check the ATS Job Board, you also gain access to listings posted on the National Healthcare Career Network, of which ATS is a member, giving you broader reach to jobs in pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine. Visit

Last Reviewed: October 2017