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Stat February 14, 2018

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Just Released: Health of the Air Report

Thousands of lives would be saved each year, and many more serious illnesses avoided, if U.S. counties met standards set by the American Thoracic Society for the two most important air pollutants, according to a new report by the ATS and the Marron Institute of Urban Management at New York University. Read more.

New Article and Manuscript Types: Blue and Red Journals

Article: Concise Translational Reviews

The American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine is excited to announce a new article type, titled "Concise Translational Reviews."

Concise Translational Reviews provide a scholarly, authoritative, and evidence-based synthesis of the literature pertaining to topics of fundamental importance to the practice of pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine. While many reviews will be by invitation, unsolicited proposals are welcome.
Authors should submit an outline describing the contents of the Concise Clinical Review to the Editor, Jadwiga A.Wedzicha, MD. Additionally, authors should compose a paragraph stating the importance of the proposed topic to the translational canon, clinical practice, recent developments, and/or novel aspects. Authors should list previously published review articles on the same topic, and explain in what ways the new manuscript will add to rather than reiterate these works. If the authors’ previously published original research, review articles, or chapters are on the same topic, they should indicate how the new manuscript will differ from their previous publications. Abbreviated curricula vitae of each co-author, identifying prior publications relevant to the current proposal, should be provided. Authors should state the date they expect to submit the completed manuscript. All submitted manuscripts undergo peer review, and even commissioned manuscripts may be declined for publication. For more information, the AJRCCM's instructions for contributors.

Manuscript: Reading Beyond the Red

Reading Beyond the Red is a section in the AJRCMB that consists of articles written by post-doctoral fellows (belonging to a clinical or research fellowship program) reviewing the most interesting basic science papers recently published in other journals. The articles should be germane to pulmonary/critical care/sleep biology and from high impact journals: Cell (Metabolism/Stem Cells/etc.), Science (Translational Medicine/etc.), Nature (Medicine/Immunology/etc.), and many others.

Each submission contains three short reviews, each written by a different post-doctoral fellow (one fellow per review). Each review summarizes the findings of a different paper and discusses the relevance of the research with reference to the wider literature (~500 words each with ~5 references). A significant proportion of the review should provide a commentary on how the paper informs clinical-translational research endeavors into disease diagnosis, prognosis, or management.

We ask that the fellowship program director or research training director oversee the submission process in order to ensure professionalism and quality. Customarily, the faculty member responsible for the submission will be included as the senior author. 

If you are interested in submitting to this section of the AJRCMB, please email Benjamin Singer, MD at

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Round Up: Flu-Focused Resources to Help You Protect Patient Health