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Stat 04-04-18

ATS to Honor James Donohue, MD, with 2018 Breathing for Life Award

The American Thoracic Society will honor James F. Donohue, MD, with the 2018 Breathing for Life Award at the 10th Annual ATS Foundation Research Program Benefit on Saturday, May 19, during the ATS 2018 International Conference. This is the highest honor awarded by the Foundation, which Dr. Donohue chaired from 2010 to 2016. See the video tribute here.

Please join us at the  benefit as we recognize Dr. Donohue’s philanthropy, scientific achievement, and commitment to mentorship. You can also honor Dr. Donohue by making a contribution to the Research Program. Without your support, the Foundation wouldn’t be able to offer funding to young investigators who are working toward advances in the treatment of lung diseases.

The ATS Foundation would like to acknowledge Genentech for its Sapphire Level Support of the 10th Annual ATS Foundation Research Program Benefit.

ATS Announces Winner of First Ever Nursing Award

The ATS Nursing Ad Hoc Committee has awarded Jennifer B. Seaman, PhD, RN, the ATS Foundation Nursing Award for her project, “Development of a Nurse-led Intervention to Ensure Timely Interdisciplinary Family Meetings in ICU.”

Though research demonstrates that timely communication between an ICU patient’s family and the ICU team is important, a 2012 study showed that fewer than 20 percent of patients had such a meeting within five days of their ICU stay. Dr. Seaman seeks to improve care by working with ICU teams to develop a more effective protocol.

“We are delighted that Dr. Seaman is the first awardee for the ATS’s Nursing Award,” said Eileen Collins, the ATS Nursing Assembly Chair. “Her work has the potential to improve the overall quality of care for ICU patients, and we look forward to seeing the results.”
The full list of awardees is available here.

Lung Disease Week at the ATS: Sarcoidosis

This week, the ATS recognizes sarcoidosis, a disease first described over 140 years ago. The term "sarcoidosis" was coined in 1899 and in 1948, a conference on sarcoidosis defined it as a "disease of unknown etiology.” Despite many years of research, that definition still stands.
Sarcoidosis most commonly involves the skin, eyes and lungs, which may suggest that airborne environmental pathogens contribute to the disease. Respiratory symptoms often include cough, wheezing, dyspnea, and chest discomfort.

Sarcoidosis Week provides an opportunity for the ATS and the Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research to promote awareness of this enigmatic disease. Click here to Learn more about sarcoidosis, and find resources for patients and experts. Also, be sure to register for a webinar presented by Bob Baughman, MD, of the University of Cincinnati tonight at 6 p.m. EDT.

ATS Twitter Chat: Moving from Burnout Awareness to Wellness Advocacy

Health care professionals at the front lines of care report high levels of Burnout Syndrome (BOS), a work-related set of symptoms, including exhaustion, depersonalization, or feelings of reduced personal accomplishment. In the initial stages of BOS, individuals feel emotional stress and increasing job-related disillusionment.

Join Tina Shah (@tshahmd), Ajanta Patel (@ajantapatel), and Seppo Rinne (@seppo_rinne) from 2-3 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, April 25, for a Twitter chat, Moving from Burnout Awareness to Wellness Advocacy. Use the hashtag #ATSchat.

ATS Fellowship in Health Equality

The American Thoracic Society is committed to improving health equality throughout the U.S. To this end, the ATS is pleased to accept applications for the 2018 ATS Fellowship in Health Equality. This fellowship is designed to support the efforts of senior fellows, junior faculty or post-doctoral students with research, clinical and policy endeavors to advance health equality for patients with respiratory disease, critical care illness or injury, and sleep-disordered breathing. All applications must be submitted electronically by midnight EDT, Thursday, April 12, 2018.


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