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Stat May 16, 2018

New Amenities in Foundation Donor Appreciation Suite

Join the ATS Foundation in the Donor Appreciation Suite at the International Conference. It’s our way of saying thank you to our generous donors! The suite is open Saturday, May 19 through Wednesday, May 23. Suite amenities include complimentary breakfast, snacks, and refreshments, as well as charging stations to recharge your devices, a private meeting room, and free Wi-Fi and concierge services.

The Foundation welcomes donors who make contributions of $250 or more between June 2017 and May 2018. Gifts can be made online.


MyATS Offers Enhanced Collaboration Features

Last December, ATS launched the MyATS web platform, an online portal that allows ATS members to customize their web experience by identifying their “favorite” web pages on the ATS website and saving them in their MyATS dashboard. This was Phase I of an ongoing initiative to provide members with an online tool that expands the benefits of ATS membership.

ATS is now launching Phase II, which focuses on expanding members’ abilities to collaborate. Through direct chat functionality, members will be able to message one another. They will also have the ability to form chat groups, both public and private, in which they can connect and discuss areas of common concern, or collaborate in working groups.

Additional features are under development, with roll-out anticipated for the end of 2018.

Learn more about MyATS, including how to get started.


New Resource Will Help Patients Learn About Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Pulmonary rehabilitation is known to improve quality of life for patients with COPD and other lung diseases. The problem? Not enough patients, or their doctors, know about this treatment option.

To help address that knowledge gap, the ATS is partnering with the Gawlicki Family Foundation in launching a pilot program to increase public awareness of pulmonary rehab. At the center of the campaign is a new, patient-friendly website.

Visit the  website  to access a wealth of resources designed to help patients, their doctors, and caregivers decide if pulmonary rehab (PR) would be right for them, including:

  • Resources explaining what pulmonary rehab is, and its benefits.
  • Directory of pulmonary rehab programs across the United States.
  • Criteria for selecting a PR program and the enrollment process.
  • Patient stories.
  • Frequently Asked Questions.


New Red in Motion Video!

On May 9, the ATS released the second installment in the AJRCMB video series, Red in Motion. The video highlights exciting findings from the AJRCMB article, "Alternative Progenitor Lineages Regenerate the Adult Lung Depleted of Alveolar Epithelial Type 2 Cells,” which is available in its entirety here.

Red in Motion seeks to provide viewers with short, highly engaging, summaries of articles of note. The initiative was developed in hopes of providing our readers and ATS members with an exciting new way to stay up to date on the Society’s latest and greatest research.  

The first video in the Red in Motion series explored the findings of  “Neutrophil-Derived Exosomes as Drivers of Airway Smooth Muscle Remodeling” and is still available to view. Read the article here.


Recent Release: Rare Disease Lung Guide

To help ATS 2018 attendees find abstracts and session content about uncommon diseases and conditions, the Society has released the popular Rare Lung Disease Guide. The almost 50-page document has entries that range from Alveolar Capillary Dysplasia to Yellow Nail Syndrome. Download the guide today and take a sneak peek at this year’s partial rare lung disease index. Hard copies will be available at ATS 2018 in San Diego.