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Stat July 6, 2022

The ATS Recognizes Inaugural World Bronchiectasis Day

In support of the first World Bronchiectasis Day, July 1, the Forum of International Respiratory Societies – of which the American Thoracic Society is a founding member –  is joining the COPD Foundation and several global organizations in raising awareness and sharing information about this lesser-known lung disease.

Bronchiectasis is a lung disease that affects hundreds of thousands of children and adults worldwide. In this illness the airways become enlarged or scarred, making it difficult to clear mucus properly, leading to recurring lung infections. Symptoms include frequent coughing (often with thick, discolored mucus), sputum production, breathlessness, repeat chest infections, increased tiredness, unexplained fever, chills, sweats and weight loss, and chest pain.

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Impact Factors Rise for Three ATS Journals!

The ATS is pleased to announce that the Impact Factor for three of the ATS journals rose this year! AJRCCM rose to 30.528 from 21.4; AJRCMB rose to 7.748 from 6.914; and AnnalsATS rose to 8.785
from 6.831. These peer-reviewed journals publish groundbreaking research, clinical trials, guidelines, workshop reports, and statements relevant to adult and pediatric pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine.


Receive the ATSF Mark of Distinction

The ATS Fellow designation (ATSF) is a mark of distinction that recognizes the accomplishments, dedication, and contributions of ATS members to the Society and the fields of pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine.

ATSF applications are available for individuals who have been an ATS member for five or more of the past 10 years.

We will spotlight ATS Fellows on the ATS website, in member publications, and at the ATS International Conference. Fellows will also receive a certificate.

Learn more and apply!

Deadline: Aug. 31, 2022


Help Develop CME eLearning Activities

ATS is developing a library of engaging eLearning activities for practicing clinicians and needs your help preparing appropriate content!
You can participate by helping us to:

  • Repurpose existing content.
  • Inventory content.
  • Develop new content.

Have an idea to repurpose existing content or develop new content? Fill out this form!

Please contact Ernie Brown, senior eLearning Program Manager with any questions.



Call for Papers: AJRCCM Asthma-Focused Special Issue

In April 2021, the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine published a special issue dedicated to asthma, which included articles that had an important influence on the scientific community. Several of those papers are now listed in the Highly Cited category on Web of Science.

With an impact factor of 30.528  the AJRCCM is increasingly better positioned to help raise awareness of the current progress and continuing needs in asthma research. Therefore, we are dedicating a new, special issue to the topic of asthma in both adults and children, which will be published in February 2023.

We invite asthma researchers and scientists to submit original papers for consideration for this focused issue. We welcome submissions involving basic and translational research, epidemiological science, clinical trials, and community-based research.

Submissions must conform to the Journal’s formatting requirements and should include a cover letter mentioning the special asthma-themed issue. If you have questions, please contact Marc Bendian.