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Stat July 26, 2017

Sign the Charter!

The Forum of Respiratory Societies launched a global charter for lung health, calling for official recognition of a World Lung Day. The goal is to secure 100,000 signatures from health care professionals and organizations. Learn more on the FIRS website.

New Member Newsletter: LungEd

The ATS “LungEd” lung education newsletter is a new resource for training program directors and the next generation of pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine professionals. Read the latest quarterly edition, and subscribe now to future issues.

Resource for Researchers

Kudos is a free platform for managing communications around scientific publications. This month, a pilot program was launched to help publishers prevent copyright infringement and reclaim lost usage from the sharing of research articles on scholarly collaboration networks (SCNs). The ATS is one of the first publishers to participate in this pioneering approach to managing and understanding usage via SCNs.

Authors can register to use the dissemination tool at the Kudos website. You can connect your publications; add explanations, context, and article highlights; easily share research from one convenient location; and track all of your outreach efforts, including downloads and citations. Sign up for a free Kudos account and help your work get discovered!

Don’t Miss These Deadlines

Last Call: Nominations for Future ATS President

The American Thoracic Society Nominating Committee invites you to nominate colleagues for the position of ATS Secretary-Treasurer, 2018‒2019. The successful candidate will advance through the leadership offices and serve as ATS President, 2021-‒2022. As a member, one of the responsibilities and privileges you have is selecting our leaders. Self-nominations are accepted. The deadline for submitting letters of interest is Monday, July 31.

Learn more.

Deadline Approaching — Assemblies/Committees

FY2018 Project Applications must be submitted electronically on the ATS website. Late submissions will not be accepted; don’t miss it! Apply today.

Deadline: 11 p.m. ET, July 31

Resource for Project Applications

The new Assembly/Committee Project Application Resource Center has everything you need to submit your project application, as well as navigate the application site. Visit the Resource Center today.

Last Reviewed: October 2017