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Stat August 2, 2017


Lung Cancer Resources

Yesterday, Aug. 1 the American Thoracic Society and fellow members of the Forum of International Respiratory Societies commemorated, celebrated and supported those impacted by lung cancer on World Lung Cancer Day.

Download the following resources for patients, families and caregivers: World Lung Cancer Day Fact Sheet 2017 and more ATS resources.

World Lung Day Petition

The ATS also joins FIRS in the call to recognize Sept. 25 as World Lung Day, an annual event dedicated to respiratory disease that helps focus attention and resources on an often overlooked, but very real threat to global health. We urge you to join the cause and add your name to the petition at

PAP Therapy Resource

The newest Patient Education/Information Series resource is now available in the current issue of the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. Download it now:

PAP Therapy—Tips for Troubleshooting to Address Problems with Use

Podcast Releases

Tune in to the latest ATS Podcast episodes!

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Endorsed Courses

Members are invited to attend the following opportunities, officially endorsed by the American Thoracic Society:

  • International Pediatric Lung Day on Oct. 14, in Naples, Italy, which is part of the Società Italiana per le Malattie Respiratorie Infantili’s (SIMRI) XXI National Congress. Learn more.
  • 18th Annual Southwest Nephrology Conference & 5th Annual Cardio Renal Metabolic Conference, 6-7 in Scottsdale, Arizona. Learn more.
Last Reviewed: October 2017