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Deadline for Passage of Final 2015 Spending Legislation Nears

November 2014

The President's Executive Order on immigration has complicated the final resolution of fiscal year (FY) 2015 spending for Republican leaders in Congress. House and Senate Appropriators have been preparing an omnibus 2015 spending package for all federal agencies that would fund agencies for the remainder of fiscal year 2015. The Appropriators are pushing congressional leaders to move forward with scheduling votes on this package in order to get it passed before the deadline of December 11, 2014, when the current funding measure expires. However, Republicans in Congress are deeply opposed to the President's immigration Executive Order and some are urging the leadership to use the spending process to prevent its implementation, including the prospect of a government shutdown.

At this point, the House and Senate Republican leadership are seeking alternatives to triggering a government shutdown battle with the President and are instead considering various forms of an omnibus that would fund government agencies and a shorter-term funding measure for immigration-related agencies. But due to the divisions among Republicans, the final outcome of 2015 spending remains unclear as the December 11 deadline looms.

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