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EPA Advisory Panel Recommends Stricter Ozone Standard

July 2014

In June, the Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee (CASAC) issued a letter that recommended the EPA to revise the ozone standard to protect the public from the known adverse health effects of ozone pollution. CASAC advisors noted that the current standard of 75 ppb maximum daily eight-hour average did not provide adequate protection to the public and recommend that the EPA consider a stricter standard in the range of 60-70 ppb.

While EPA is not obligated to follow the recommendation, CASAC's opinion carries significant weight in the EPA policy making process for air quality standards.

The EPA is expected to propose a new ozone standard in coming months. The ATS will continue to urge the EPA to establish a science-based ozone standard that is protective of the public health, including vulnerable populations.

Last Reviewed: October 2017