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ATS Joins Letter Opposing Tobacco Riders

September 2015

The ATS joined over 50 other medical and public health organizations in a letter to House and Senate Appropriators expressing concerns about provisions in the fiscal year 2016 appropriations bill.

The letter expressed strong opposition to the House of Representatives decision to drastically cut tobacco control funding at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the FY16 Labor Health and Human Services Appropriations bill.  The House bill proposed to cut CDC's tobacco control funding by 50 percent and bar CDC from conducting tobacco-related research.  The Senate version of the bill provides more generous funding.

The letter also notes that the House Agriculture Appropriations bill – which funds the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – includes a provision that changes the "grandfather" date for tobacco products that fall under FDA's authority to regulate.  If the House language becomes law, it would significantly hinder FDA from regulating relatively new tobacco products  such as e-cigarettes and candy-flavored cigarillos that have recently entered the market.  The Senate version of the bill does not include the "grandfather" provision.

The letter urges Congress to adopt the Senate position on both issues as Congress moves forward with funding decisions for fiscal year 2016.

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