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ATS Testifies on EPA Ozone Rule

June 2015

ATS member Gregory Diette, MD testified before the House Energy and Commerce Committee regarding EPA's proposed ozone rule, urging Congress to support EPA's efforts to issue a more protective ozone standard of 60 ppb.  During his testimony, Dr. Diette noted the considerable scientific evidence – from multiple lines of research – showing that the current EPA ozone standard of 75 ppb/8-hours was not protective of public health.

Dr. Diette was joined by 6 other witnesses, 5 of whom opposed a revised ozone standard.  Much of the hearing testimony was dominated by exchanges between Dr. Diette and fellow witness Dr. Louis Cox – a biostatistician who claimed reducing ozone exposure would not improve public health.  Dr. Diette noted during the hearing, "this isn't something in 2015 that we should be talking about, about whether ozone effects human health, we are way beyond that."

EPA is under a court order to issue a revised ozone standard by October 1, 2015.  EPA has proposed a revised standard between 65 and 70 ppb. 

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