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Senate Expected to Take Up SGR Bill Early Next Week

April 2015

Congress returns to session next week and one of the first items expected to be considered by the Senate is the House passed SGR repeal and replace bill – H.R. 2. The legislation passed the House in March with broad bipartisan support, however, the Senate failed to consider the bill before the Spring Congressional recess.

President Obama has expressed his support for the House passed SGR bill.

Without Congressional action, Medicare payments to physicians and other Part B providers will be cut by 21%. Congress has already missed the April 1 st deadline to fix the SGR, but CMS has agreed to hold payments of services submitted after April 1 in hopes that Congress will pass the SGR bill shortly. However, if the Senate does not pass legislation by April 15, CMS will likely start processing submitted bills with the 21% cut.

During the recess there has been last minute legislative maneuvering by some groups to amend the House passed SGR, but so far it appears that the Senate is unlikely to revise the House bill and will likely pass a clean version of SGR bill H.R. 2. Should the Senate tinker with the H.R.2, it might jeopardize the overall SGR legislation.

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