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Congress Passes 2017 Spending Measure, Averting Government Shutdown

October 2016

Just two days before the expiration of fiscal year 2016, the House of Representatives passed a short-term spending measure for fiscal year 2017 by a vote of 342 – 85, averting a government shutdown which would have gone into effect on Oct. 1. The Senate passed the bill earlier the same day by a vote of 72 – 26 and the President quickly signed it into law. The measure includes the final spending bill for the Department of Veterans Affairs, which provides a 7.1 percent funding increase over the current level for the VA Research program, a significant success.

The bill is also free of legislative policy riders on tobacco, the environment or other controversial topics.

The bill flat funds the government at the current FY 2016 funding level through Dec. 9, with a minor 0.5 percent across the board cut to all programs. It also includes $1.1 billion in funding to combat the Zika virus and $500 million in funding to Louisiana and other states for disaster relief. When Congress returns to Washington following the Nov. 8 election, they will need to pass additional legislation to finalize FY 2017 funding.

Last Reviewed: October 2017