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ATS Comments on 2018 Proposed Medicare Hospital Outpatient Rule

September 2017

The ATS also submitted comments on the CMS proposed rule for policy on Medicare outpatient payment system.  Comments focused on the ATS's continued concern that CMS's consistent policy on pulmonary rehabilitation is significantly impacting payment and patient access for pulmonary rehabilitation services.  The Society noted the clinical and resource similarities between pulmonary rehabilitation services and cardiac rehabilitation services.  The ATS recommends that CMS considers adopting similar reporting and reimbursement policies between the two similar services.

The ATS comments also noted our concerns with CMS's proposal to group selected services and tests provided to critically ill patients into an ambulatory payment classification (APC) for critical care.

CMS will release its final rule for both hospital outpatient and Medicare physician payment by early December.  The ATS will keep members informed of important regulatory, reporting and reimbursement policies that impact or profession.

Last Reviewed: October 2017