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ATS Opposes EPA Delay of the Methane Rule

July 2017

This week, the ATS presented oral testimony at a public field hearing in opposition to EPA's proposed 2-year delay in implementation of a rule to reduce methane, volatile organic compounds and other fugitive emissions from new oil and natural gas extraction projects. In 2016, the Obama Administration issued a final rule requiring the oil and natural gas industry to take steps to reduce methane, VOCs and other toxic gases escaping from new extraction projects (existing wells were not covered in the rule).

Trump EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has noted his opposition to the rule and has issued a proposed rule to delay implementation of the rule by 2-years.

During oral testimony, ATS member Gary Ewart MHS, noted that methane is a powerful short-lived greenhouse gas that is 84 times more effective at trapping solar energy that carbon dioxide and that VOCs are both air pollutants and precursors for ozone and PM pollution. Delaying implementation delays the benefits associated with improvements in air quality and benefits of addressing climate change emissions.

Last Reviewed: October 2017