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Court Orders EPA to Issue Ozone Schedule

This week, the D.C. Court of Appeals gave EPA until January 12, 2018 to issue a definitive schedule for implementing the National Ambient Air Quality Standard for ozone.  The court issued the order in light of mixed messages coming from EPA on their intent to enforce the 2015 ozone standard.  Administrator Pruitt had initially announced a 1-year delay in implementing the ozone standard, but then reversed its position and stated they would enforce the ozone standard on schedule as required by the Clean Air Act.

However, in public documents describing the agency’s intended regulatory work agenda for 2018, EPA stated it, “…intends to use the additional time afforded by the (ozone)

designations extension...”  Further the document gave a “to be determined” deadline for completing ozone implementation work.  These statements undermine EPA’s earlier statements that it intends to implement the Clean Air Act on schedule according to the Clean Air Act.

The ATS has joined other medical and public health organizations in court action to force EPA to enforce the ozone standard in a timely manner.  The ATS will continue to petition to the courts to ensure EPA is fulfilling its obligations under the Clean Air Act to protect the American public from air pollution. 

Last Reviewed: December 22, 2018