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EPA Proposes to Repeal Rule on Refurbished Diesel Truck Engines

EPA issued a proposed rule that would repeal the existing EPA rule that placed limits on older high-emissions diesel truck engines and power trains that are refurbished and sold as “new.”  Repeal of the rule – known as the “Glider Kit” rule – will allow older refurbished diesel truck engines to be sold as new without having to meet EPA diesel truck engine emissions requirements for newly manufactured engines.  

The refurbished trucks – with glider kits that are made from salvaged parts but include a new chassis – typically cost 25 percent less than newly manufactured diesel trucks.  For years, the glider kit industry was a very small part of the diesel truck market, but has expanded significantly in recent years as EPA emissions requirements for new diesel truck engines have become more stringent. 

The EPA estimates that diesel engines manufactured prior to 2002 emit between 20-40 times more pollution (NOx and PM) than diesel engines manufactured today.  When the original glider kit rule was issued during the Obama Administration, EPA estimated that closing the glider kit loop hole would save 350 lives in 2017 and over 1600 over the lifetime of vehicles.

The ATS opposes the proposed repeal of the glider kit rule and met with White House staff to express our opposition.  The EPA is accepting public comments on the glider kit repeal.  Public comments are due by Jan. 6, 2018.

Last Reviewed: November 17, 2017