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Trump Says U.S. Will Leave Paris Climate Accord

June 2017

This week, President Trump announced his decision to remove the U.S. from participation in the Paris Accord to address climate change.  In announcing his decision, President Trump indicated a willingness to renegotiate the agreement under terms more favorable to the U.S. International leaders immediately rejected the idea of further negotiations of the Paris Accord.

President Trump's announcement will not take effect immediately but will start a 3-year long process the US must take to formally leave the Paris Accord.

The announcement was not well received by the health community.  The ATS issued a statement expressing disappointment with President Trump's decision. "Despite the President's announcement, the evidence is clear, consistent and compelling: greenhouse gas emissions are changing the global environment in ways that threaten the health and safety of people in all nations."

"The American Thoracic Society urges local, state and international policy makers to fill the void created by this dereliction of leadership, and to take aggressive steps to limit greenhouse gas emissions."

President Trump's decision follows his earlier decision to rescind the Obama Administration's Clean Power Plan to reduce carbon pollution from U.S. power plants.  Although the Trump Administration has made two major policy decisions that impede progress on climate change, the EPA is still under legal obligation — affirmed by a U.S. Supreme Court decision —  to take action on carbon pollution.

The ATS and our allies in the health community will continue to urge the Trump Administration to take meaningful action to reduce carbon pollution.

Last Reviewed: October 2017