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ATS Submits Public Comments on FDA’s Plan to Regulate Tobacco Products

In July, the ATS submitted comments to the FDA on three separate Advanced Notice of Proposed Rule-Makings on regulation of tobacco products.  The FDA solicited public input on three aspects of tobacco including: how the agency should regulate cigars; how it should regulate flavors in tobacco products; and whether it should create a products standard to require the development of low-nicotine cigarettes. 

In general, the ATS comments urged the FDA to take immediate action to effectively regulate all tobacco products, expressed frustration that the agency had delayed taking action on emerging tobacco trends like candy-flavored cigars and e-cigarettes and noted that the FDA’s failure to act swiftly was having an adverse impact on children’s health.  The ATS also provided more detailed recommendations on policies that the FDA should implement to effectively regulate flavors in tobacco products and cigars as well as the policy consideration for creating a low-nicotine cigarette product standard.  The ATS comments can be found here

The advanced notice of proposed rule-making is only the first step on what could be a lengthy process for the FDA to finally create and implement a regulatory strategy for all tobacco products.  The ATS will continue to urge the FDA to take swift and effective action to regulate all forms of tobacco products. 

Last Reviewed: August 3, 2018