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ATS Testifies on Proposed Roll Back of Methane

This week, ATS member Alison Bauer, MD, spoke on behalf of the ATS at an EPA field hearing in Denver, CO, to express the ATS’s strong opposition to the EPA’s proposal to roll back limits on fugitive methane and VOC gas emissions from gas and oil drilling sites. In her testimony, Dr. Bauer noted, “In short, we know that VOCs emitted from oil and gas operations increase ground level ozone and hazardous air pollutant levels and that ozone, benzene, hexane, PAHs, and other emitted pollutants lead to a whole host of adverse health effects, potentially increased due to interaction effects of the toxicants… It’s time for the EPA to act in the best interest of the environment and for the health of the American people.”

Last Reviewed: November 16, 2018