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EPA Proposes to Rollback National Limits on Greenhouse Emissions

This week, the White House announced the EPA’s proposal to rollback national limits on greenhouse emissions from vehicles and revoke California’s authority to set more protective vehicle pollution limits for cars sold in California. The proposal would block implementation of the existing fuel efficiency standards and GHG emissions standards that were set to effect for 2022-2026 model year vehicles. 

This proposal also revokes California’s half-century old authority to set state vehicle efficiency and emissions standards to protect its residents from the health effects of smog. California’s Air Resources Board has set more stringent emissions standards than the Federal government since it was formed in 1967, before the passage of the Clean Air Act in 1970. Today, more than 12 states have adopted regulations to follow California’s healthier standards.

“California’s move to confront air pollution in the interest of residents across the state has been a motivating example for others to follow,” said Mary Rice, MD, chair of the ATS Environmental Health Policy Committee. “With this announcement, the EPA appears to be taking active steps to increase air pollution in California and beyond, rather than to protect human health.”
Last Reviewed: August 3, 2018