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FDA Issues Advance Notice of Proposed Rule-Making on Reduced Nicotine Cigarettes

This week, the FDA Center for Tobacco Products issued an Advance Notice of Proposed Rule-Making, seeking community input on reduced nicotine cigarette products. Specifically, the FDA is seeking public comment on the following issues:

  • Maximum potential nicotine level for the protection of public health
  • Nicotine-level measurement procedures
  • Implementation procedure, specifically in regards to an immediate reduction to the specified level, or a gradual reduction over time
  • Whether other combustible tobacco products should also be held to a nicotine product standard, and if so, which ones
  • Potential for unintended consequences of such a standard, such as illicit trade in higher-nicotine products, or increased smoking to compensate for lower nicotine levels

In response to the FDA’s proposal, ATS Tobacco Action Committee Co-Chair Enid Neptune, MD, noted, “While I will review the FDA low nicotine proposal with great interest, I would be a lot more impressed if the FDA implemented some of its existing authority on  tobacco products- such as banning menthol from cigarettes, restricting child luring flavors in cigars and e-cigarettes, and graphic warning labels on all tobacco products – rather than promise action in years to come.”

The FDA is accepting comment on the Advanced Notice of Proposed Rule Making through June 14, 2018. For more information on the proposal, please visit


Last Reviewed: March 16, 2018