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White House Action on E-cigs/Vape Products in Doubt

National media is reporting that the White House is reconsidering taking any immediate action the regulation of e-cigarette and vape products. In September, the Administration announced that they would “clear the market” of flavored e-cigarette and vape products, and were explicit in both their press release and in senior Administration official statements that action on flavors would include mint and menthol products. However, since the September announcement, White House spokespersons have made a number of statements hinting at a weakening of commitment to the flavor ban, and major media outlets have reported that the White House is considering several alternatives, such as continuing to allow menthol to remain on the market, exempting vape shops from any regulation, or taking no further action whatsoever.

The White House has announced that it is holding a meeting today with advocacy, industry, non-profits, medical associations, and state officials to discuss vaping regulations. It remains unclear who has been invited to participate in this meeting.

Last Reviewed: November 2019