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ATS Testifies on Proposal to Rescind Trump Cost-Benefit Rules for EPA Regulations

This week, ATS staff member Gary Ewart, MHS, presented testimony on behalf of the Society in support of a proposal to rescind the Trump era rule on cost-benefit calculations for environmental regulations. The Trump rule established a set of procedures that, if implemented, would have exaggerated regulatory compliance costs, reduced the health benefits estimates, eliminated key data in support of health benefits and created additional opportunities for industry to slow the regulatory process by filing additional suits challenging the EPA’s regulatory authority.


The EPA hearing was intended to collect public input about rescinding the Trump rule. Mr. Ewart noted the ATS’s opposition to the original Trump rule, discussed how, if implemented, the rule would have radically and inappropriately tilted future cost- benefit analysis against EPA regulations and thanked the Biden Administration EPA for taking action to rescind the Trump era rule.

Last Reviewed: July 2021