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ATS Urges FDA to Take Swift Action on Synthetic Nicotine Products

This week, the ATS lead an organizational sign on letter to FDA, urging the agency to take swift action to regulate e-cigarette products that use synthetic nicotine products. Several e-cigarette manufacturers have attempted to avoid FDA regulation of their products by switching from using tobacco leaf derived nicotine to synthetic nicotine in their products. These e-cigarette companies are claiming that FDA does not have the authority to regulate synthetic e-cigarette products.


The ATS and the majority of the tobacco control community believe that FDA clearly has the authority to regulate synthetic nicotine – either as a drug or as a tobacco product – and is frustrated that FDA has not closed this regulatory loophole by clearly stating their regulatory authority over synthetic nicotine.


The ATS will close monitor FDA’s response and will continue to pressure the agency to take action on synthetic nicotine e-cigarette products.

Last Reviewed: December 2021