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Biden Administration Issues COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates

Acting through a combination of executive orders and new federal rules, President Biden announced on Thursday, Sept. 9, his plan to have private sector businesses with 100 or more employees require vaccination or mandatory weekly testing. Exceptions are made for employees with disabilities or religious objections. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration will be charged with implementing and enforcing the new vaccine mandate for employers. Biden issued a parallel vaccine mandate for all federal employees and federal contractors. Approximately 17 million health care workers employed by hospitals and other institutions that accept Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement are covered by this mandate.


Several Republican governors and the Republican National Committee have indicated that they will file lawsuits to prevent President Biden’s policies from going into effect, arguing that his plan is an overreach of federal authority.


In July, the ATS joined other major medical organizations in a letter supporting COVID-19 vaccine requirements for all health care employees.

Last Reviewed: September 2021