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Biden-Harris Administration Outlines Plans to Combat COVID-19

The Biden-Harris administration took office this week and issued a number of health-related executive orders, including some focused on the COVID-19 pandemic and re-engaging the U.S. on global health efforts. President Biden signed the following executive orders related to COVID-19 response this week:

  • Appointment of Jeffrey Zients as COVID-19 Response Coordinator
  • Mask mandate and social distancing on all federal properties, at airports and interstate trains and buses
  • Re-engagement with the World Health Organization (WHO), including COVAX, the global COVID-19 vaccine initiative
  • Restoring the global health and biodefense directorate to the National Security Council
  • Nominating Eric Lander, PhD, as director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy and elevating the position to cabinet level

Creation of a new initiative, to be overseen by Domestic Policy Advisor Susan Rice, aimed at eliminating racism requiring federal agencies to report on equity, including plans for removing opportunity barriers in policies and programs.

Last Reviewed: January 2021