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EPA Finalizes Censoring Science Rule

This week, the Trump EPA finalized the Strengthening Transparency – often referred to as the Censoring Science rule. This rule excludes from EPA’s consideration any scientific study that does not publicly share the raw underlying study data. While the rule does allow the EPA Administrator discretion on waving the policy, the rule could be used to exclude essential research that documents the adverse health effects of air pollution. Those studies that use patient confidential data, especially epidemiology studies, are particularly vulnerable to exclusion as they rely on confidential data that cannot be made publicly available. While not surprised by EPA’s action, the ATS was disappointed that the agency was unresponsive to public comments that it did not have clear legal authority to issue this rule, and failed to respond to critical cost and process issues raised in public comment process. It is expected the final rule will challenged in court.

The ATS issued a press statement opposing the final rule and calling on the President-Elect Biden to, “take action to rescind this ill-considered final rule."

Last Reviewed: January 2021