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Pediatric Pulmonologists – CPT 94770 Deletion and Next Steps

Effective Jan. 1, 2021 CPT code 94770 (carbon dioxide, expired gas determination by infrared analyzer) has been deleted and should no longer be reported on claims in calendar year 2021. There currently is not a specific code that crosswalks directly to the deleted code. Absent a specific CPT code for your service the ATS-CHEST and AAP recommend that practices report CPT 94799 (unlisted pulmonary service or procedure). The American Medical Association CPT panel along with the AMA RUC deleted this CPT code because it was a low volume code; it was being used in the non-facility setting likely inappropriately. There were no practice expense inputs for equipment and the code had not been updated, reviewed or surveyed in recent years. However, the joint societies, ATS-CHEST-AAP is aware that despite its low volume, the code was used by pediatric providers – specifically pediatric pulmonologists managing young patients on ventilators or those requiring supplemental oxygen. The ATS and colleague medical societies are considering next steps to replace the deleted code. However, any new code would need at least two years to develop. Stay tuned for more information in future publications.

Last Reviewed: February 2021