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State Attorneys General Reach Tentative Settlement with Juul for Marketing Nicotine to Kids

This week, a coalition of state attorneys general reached a tentative settlement agreement with e-cigarette manufacturer Juul to fine the company for their intentional efforts to market and sell addictive nicotine products. The settlement includes a $439 million fine, agreements by Juul to cease all marketing to children, including ads on public transit, billboards, use of social influencers or the use of anyone under age 35 years of age in future advertising. In commenting on the tentative agreement, ATS Tobacco Action Committee Chair Hasmeena Kathuria, MD, noted, “(w)e are glad that someone is finally holding Juul accountable for intentionally hooking a new generation of kids on nicotine. I urge FDA to aggressively use its regulatory authority to prevent Juul and any other e-cigarette maker from marketing their addictive products to our nation’s youth.”

CMS is expected to issue a final payment rule in late November.

Last Reviewed: September 2022