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ATS Files Amicus Brief to Support EPA Authority to Regulate Pollution from Vehicles
In March, the ATS lead a coalition of 10 health professional organizations in filing an amicus brief to support the authority of the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate greenhouse gas emissions of cars and truck. In the case, Texas v EPA, Texas and a dozen other state attorneys general sued in federal court challenging EPA’s authority under the Clean Air Act to set vehicle tailpipe emissions standards for greenhouse gases – known as Light-Duty Vehicle Greenhouse Gas Emissions Standards. These standards would establish emission limits for new vehicle models. The petitioning states are asking the D.C. Circuit to strike down these limits on constitutional grounds.

In the amicus brief, the ATS summarized key studies that showed the adverse health effects climate change is already having on the health of Americans.

“As an ICU and lung doctor, I see every day patients driven into my care by the catastrophic effects of climate change and the greenhouse gas emissions that fuel it,” says Erika Moseson MD – member of the ATS Environmental Health Policy Committee. “A heat dome in my home state of Oregon filled half of my ICU within 24 hours, and I see wildland fires and their emissions affecting health not only in my community but across the country. Many are affected by the prolonged allergy season driven by increased carbon and heat in the atmosphere, fueled in part by these emissions. From fires to floods, the public health would be greatly served by decreasing vehicular greenhouse gas emissions to lead to healthier air and healthier communities. It’s EPA’s job to regulate vehicle emissions. Effective regulations will improve health, save lives and save money by reducing health expenses in the short-term and mitigating the worst effects of climate change in the long-term. I hope the court will reject the Texas challenge and allow EPA to do its job.”

Last Reviewed: March 2023