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ATS Participates in Survey of Telemedicine E/M CPT Codes
The ATS is participating in a AMA/Specialty Society RUC survey for new telemedicine evaluation and management CPT codes. This survey will help the ATS, in concert with the AMA RUC, to recommend accurate relative values for physician work and direct practice expense for these important codes to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

  • The five telemedicine E/M codes that the ATS will be surveying are:
  • 9X077 New Pt, Audio-Visual E-M, Moderate MDM,
  • 9X078 New Pt, Audio-Visual E-M, High MDM,
  • 9X080 Established Pt, Audio-Visual E-M, Low MDM,
  • 9X081 Established Pt, Audio-Visual E-M, Moderate MDM,
  • 9X082 Established Pt, Audio-Visual E-M, High MDM.  

The ATS will invite randomly selected members to participate in the survey effort. The survey process will ask if you perform:

  • Telemedicine E/M services for New Patient Only
  • Telemedicine E/M services for Established Patients Only
  • Telemedicine E/M services for BOTH New and Established Patients
  • Do not perform telemedicine E/M services

If you do perform telemedicine evaluation and management services, you will proceed on to the survey. At that point, you may indicate which codes you wish to share your input in determining the work and costs in the provision of these services.

Collecting good data in this survey is very important to the ATS and the medical profession. The survey effort being conducted now will help inform the physician work values for when these new CPT codes for telemedicine E/M services go into effect in calendar year 2025. If you do receive a request to participate in this survey and you do perform telemedicine E/M service, the ATS strongly urges you to fully participate in the survey effort.

If you have questions about the survey process, please contact Mr. Gary Ewart in the ATS Washington Office (gewart@thoracic.org).

Last Reviewed: June 2023