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ATS Tells EPA to Set More Protective PM2.5 Standard
This week the ATS submitted written comments to the EPA recommending the agency establish a more protective standard for exposure to particulate matter. The EPA is in the process of reviewing the current standard and is considering adopting a more protective standard.

EPA current PM2.5 standard
12 ug/m3 annual standard
35 ug/m3 24-hour standard

EPA proposed PM2.5 standard
9 or 10 ug/m3 annual standard
35 ug/m3 24-hour standard

ATS recommended PM2.5 standard
8 ug/m3 annual
25 ug/m3 24-hour standard

In the written comments, ATS supported the EPA’s decision to revise the annual standard and strongly urged the agency to adopt an annual standard of 8 ug/m3. The ATS comments also provided broad rationale for why selecting a more protective standard of 9 ug/m3 provided significantly more public health benefits than 10 ug/m3.

The ATS comments also expressed disappointment with the EPA’s recommendation not to adjust the 24-hour standard and provided extensive comments on why a more protective 24-hour standard was needed to protect the public from the well documented adverse health effects of short-term exposures of high levels of PM2.5.

The EPA is expected to issue its final PM2.5 rule in spring or summer of 2023.
Last Reviewed: April 2023