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EPA Accelerates EV Transition in Proposal to Reduce Tailpipe Emissions
This week, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued two proposed rules to significantly reduce greenhouse gas and other pollutant emissions allowances for model years 2027-2032 cars and a separate rule for heavy duty trucks. The proposal will reduce greenhouse gas tailpipe emissions by approximately 50 percent, nitrogen oxides and other organic gas emissions by 60 percent and particulate matter pollution emissions by 92 percent. The proposed rule also seeks to phase out auto industry credits for efficient car air conditioners, high-efficiency headlights and solar roofs while expanding the current tradable credit allowances for companies to exceed targets that can be sold to companies that need additional credits.

While the proposed rules do not explicitly mandate a transition from combustion engines to electric vehicles, expansion of electric vehicle sales is the most obvious way that automakers can meet the proposed emissions standards. 

“The ATS applauds EPA’s proposed rules for cars and trucks that will have a tremendous positive impact towards reducing air pollution and addressing climate change,” says ATS Environmental Health Policy Committee Chair Jack Harkema DVM.

“Emissions from motor vehicles are a major contributor to toxic outdoor air pollutants that cause serious respiratory illnesses and deaths, especially in vulnerable populations.  EPA’s proposed action is a major step forward in reducing childhood asthma and other chronic lung diseases caused by breathing polluted air.”

Last Reviewed: June 2023