House Passes Debt Limit Bill
House Republicans approved a bill on Wednesday, April 26 that would raise the debt ceiling to $1.5 trillion, repeal President Joseph Biden’s programs to combat climate change and reduce student debt, and cap or reduce non-defense federal spending. The House approved the bill 217-215, with no Democratic support.

If enacted, the House Republican debt-limit plan would effectively flat-fund most federal discretionary programs going forward. However, most observers believe increases in defense and veterans spending are likely, which would force cuts in other non-defense/non-veterans’ programs like NIH, CDC, EPA and other public health programs.

The House Republican plan is only the first of what will likely be many debt ceiling plans that are announced over the coming months. To date, the White House and Congressional Democratic leadership have insisted that Congress pass a clean measure to raise the debt ceiling, with negotiations over government spending to be handled separately.
Last Reviewed: June 2023