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Juul Settles with six States and D.C. over Youth Marketing Practices
This week, e-cigarette manufacturer Juul was forced to pay $462 million to settle claims that it intentionally targeted children and teenagers with its marketing. Led by the Attorneys General of New York and California, four other states, and the District of Columbia, Juul must also cease using actors under 35 in their ads. Retailers will now be required to keep Juul products behind the counter and verify the age of any potential customers of Juul products.

The lawsuit additionally claimed that Juul spread false information about their products’ safety to teenagers. The continued lawsuits by various state governments and the temporary hold last June now puts the company on the brink of bankruptcy. There are early signs that Juul may be acquired by a larger tobacco firm.

Juul had earlier settled with 34 states who brought similar claims against the company. Juul has also settled several other suits brought by individuals against the company. The total value of the settlements is estimated to be over $3 billion.

Last Reviewed: June 2023